What is A20X?

A20X® is a family of next generation high-strength aluminium alloy technologies, developed and patented by Aeromet International Ltd. The A20X® family includes the MMPDS approved A205 casting alloy and AM205 powder for additive manufacturing.

A20X® is an aluminium-copper alloy with a highly refined microstructure and a unique solidification mechanism, giving it greater strength, fatigue and thermal characteristics compared to other alloys.

Originally developed as a casting alloy, A20X® cast parts are available today from Aeromet and a global network of licensees. A20X® powder is available for use in additive manufacturing.

A20X® sheet and extruded products are in development – contact us for more information.

What Is Different About A20x?


A20X® is a high strength aluminium alloy. A20X® castings have similar properties to 7000


A20X® has superior fatigue performance to other aluminium alloys

Corrosion Resistance

A20X® does not suffer from stress corrosion cracking

High Temperature Performance

A20X® is designed to operate in high temperature environments


A20X® is a highly castable alloy, opening new possibilities for design engineers


A20X® powder has been designed for additive manufacturing, offering class leading flowability characteristics


A20X® sheet material has superplastic tendencies

What Are The Benefits of A20x?

Cost Reduction

A20X® is being used to reduce buy-to-fly ratios with near-nett-shape design principals.

Weight Reduction

A20X® has a high strength to weight ratio, allowing the weight of flying parts to be reduced.

Thermal Performance

A20X® can be used in higher temperature environments compared to other alloys, allowing replacement of titanium and forged parts in some applications.

A20X Powder

A20X® powder is now available for use in additive manufacturing. The high strength and excellent flowability characteristics of the alloy in powder form allow highly complex, high strength aluminium parts to be ‘3D printed’ with a wide range of leading additive manufacturing machines.

A20X® powder performs better than other comparable aluminium alloys.

A20X Castings

A20X was originally developed to give the superior performance of aluminium copper alloys with the Castability behaviour of aluminium silicon. Today, A20X® cast parts are in production for major OEMs in the aerospace, defence and space industries.

A20X in cast form is fully qualified and approved for aerospace with MMPDS, AMS and BMS registrations.

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